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“Bespoke is much more than just custom-made sneakers, it’s a way of seeing and designing shoes, in some way it’s an extension of who I am.”


“Le Bespoke façon Bottier”

Bespoke shoemaking: Take a classic sneaker and enhance it by infusing it with creativity using noble materials and the long-lasting know-how of the artisan shoemaker. Traditionally, bespoke is synonymous with custom-made ; but within the sneaker culture this term is commonly used to describe the specific type of customization we are performing at our shop. It involves de-constructing an original pair of sneakers then re-constructing it with materials that are more elegant and long-lasting ; as well as offering stylistic adaptations of the pattern within the original style.

Discover the pleasure of a pair of sneakers that is unique and of the highest quality, hand-made and that is a perfect match to your personal style.

The Bottier Toulousain, is a sound duo, Nico and Jeanman, a friendship blending the fervent passion of Sneakers and the shoemaker’s know-how.


“Passionate about sneakers since many years, I naturally began Bespoke crafting : it was the perfect balance between my passion for sneakers and the family tradition of sewing.

So I started at home by pulling apart an old pair of sneakers, a pair of jeans and using the good old sewing machine sitting in the garage, I made my first pair of sneakers. It boosted me to go see Jeanman the Bottier Toulousain to talk to him about this project. He told me : “Go ahead, I’m in!”., and LBT sneakers was born !”

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