Classics revisited by LBT

Nothing like a well-known, iconic model to catch your eye and surprise you with new creations. Each model can be declined as follows :

OG Version

The original model is customized without any alteration to the initial pattern. Leathers of outstanding grade are chosen to realise a unique model of high quality.

“Bottier” Version

The Bottier Toulousain gives free range to its creative patterning skills and inserts iconic bespoke accents into the sneakers. The result is a full fledged unique creation.

Total Bespoke Version

You get to choose any and all leathers for your sneakers (inside, outside, textures and colors), you can even add specific details of your liking for extra personal flair.


Infusing Quality into Style

Making a pair of custom shoes by hand is an art that requires dexterity, precision and knowledge of the properties of raw materials. We uphold these values and bring them to the bubbling world sneakers with the intent to deliver quality and durability.

The deep care and attention to finishing details is what makes the artisan craftsmanship of bespoke shoe-making stands apart from the shoe industry.

Cutting, stitching, precise hand assembly and hand rubbed patina… Your sneakers will be infused with a signature that only handmade work can provide.

The tanneries we outsource from specialize in producing leather for shoemaking. Exclusively located in France, and recognised internationally for their expertise, they show full compliance with REACH regulations making them trustworthy partners.

Furthermore, resisting the pull of recurring consumption and the trap of planned obsolescence is an eco-sensitive choice that is dear to our hearts. Our activism is about supporting products of quality and that are durable in opposition to disposable consumerism.

Our mission is one of passion and excellence aligned with the spirit of bespoke shoemaking. We hope to add our personal flair by bringing into the Sneaker culture some of the elements of the Bespoke tradition.

The Materials

Upper (outside and lining), inside stay (toe box and heel), insole : it’s all leather in our Sneaker! The most noble material for shoemaking, providing quality, strength, breathability, and a unique patina that will only get better over the years.

The process

An original sneakers is bought and the upper (top of the shoe) is pulled apart from its sole.
The upper is rebuilt with new, more elegant and durable materials. This is where shape and style are modified to create a unique model.

The original sole is reunited with the new upper giving birth to a Bespoke Sneakers, now ready to march the streets for at least the next ten years.

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